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Can't wait to see everyone!


100 Volunteers are needed each game day, (Buddies & Umpires).    MLP is grateful to everyone who has helped over the last 5 years, we met that goal.  People helped out at One Game a Season or  Every Week all Summer long.  Without your help, it’s not as much fun.


We get the word  out through the Observer, MLP newsletter and Facebook.  But really what has been the best strategy comes from our Volunteers.  After a game, they tell people that it was a great day.  Players’ families show up ready to help out.  So, if we could ask everyone to reach out to your circle of friends.  Thank you.  Here’s the information on Volunteer.


VOLUNTEERS.  Just TWO Steps to Volunteer at MLP


ONE: VOLUNTEER WAIVER. Volunteer Waiver:



  1. Sign up for the games that you want to volunteer at – One Game a Season or Every Week or with a Group - your baseball team, co-workers, neighbors.
  2. You will be able to sign up for individual games on signup.com.  - http://www.miracleleagueplymouth.org/volunteer.html  – Check for updates on our website, Facebook, and in our newsletter.  If you have any questions, Please email: info@miracleleagueplymouth.org


Umpires.  The process is the same as Buddies.  You’re invited to be  a Buddy AND an Umpirel


If you have any questions, Please review our FAQ below or email: info@miracleleagueplymouth.org


Please join us and make this a great year for our MLP Players and Families!!!



Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Buddy 

Where do I sign up to volunteer?
  Volunteer signup opens in early April for the Spring Season.  We use the site signup.com for Buddies to reserve their volunteer time.

What is the minimum age to be a Buddy?
10 years old. A parent/legal guardian MUST fill out the volunteer waiver each year for children 10 - 18 years old.

My child is interested in helping out with the Miracle League of Plymouth. How can they get involved?
As long as your child is 10 years of age or older, we would love for your child to be a Buddy to one of our Players! If she/he is not yet comfortable with the responsibility of being a Buddy, or is not yet 10 years old, encourage her/him to cheer on our Players from the bleachers!
We always need Buddies and Cheerleaders! The louder the cheers, the happier our Players!

What should I expect when being a Buddy & what are my responsibilities?
Each Buddy is assigned to one Player during the entire game. Buddies and Players are together the entirety of the game.

Each game lasts two innings. During each inning, the teams take turns at bat. Every player gets to bat during both innings. Sometimes our Players need help batting, and sometimes they don’t. Each child is different, and your Player’s coach will let you know how your Player bats. The last player to bat in the line up gets a home run, sending all the players on bases home. 

When it’s your team’s turn to be in the field, it’s the job of the Buddy to keep the Player engaged. Some Players are more interested in playing catch with their Buddy than watching the other team bat. Other Players like to field the ball. Whichever your Player wants to do is great! Just have fun with your Buddy! If you're feeling unsure, ask your coach!

How do I know which team is playing & when?
A game schedule for the upcoming week can be found on our website’s homepage, signup.com, and our Facebook Page.

Where is the field?
The Miracle League of Plymouth’s Bilkie Family Field can be found at 357 Theodore St., Plymouth MI 48170. It is just a little south of the Plymouth Cultural Center.
MAIL Address: 525 Farmer St., Plymouth MI 48170

If I Buddy with a Player one week, am I committed to that specific Player for the rest of the season? Or am I supposed to Buddy with other Players?
Do not feel obligated to Buddy with the same Player week after week. In fact, almost all of our Players are given a new Buddy every week, unless requested by a specific Buddy.
That said, if you feel a special connection between you and your Player, and would like to Buddy with them as much as possible, be sure to tell your Player’s coach at the end of the game. She/he will make a note of it, and next time you Buddy on that Player’s team, the coach will do her/his best to assign you to that Player!

If I have a question or concern about my responsibilities as a Buddy on gameday, who can help me out?
If you have any questions or concerns about your responsibilities on the field, immediately bring it to the attention of one of the coaches. They are there to help, and know each individual Player well.

Please email Chelsey Coleman at Chelsey@MiracleLeaguePlymouth.org if you have any further questions about being a Buddy.



What time should I get to the field?
Please arrive a half hour before your games starts.
This gives you time to:
- Confirm we have received an electronic copy of your Volunteer Waiver
- Check in as a Buddy
- Be assigned to the Player whom you will be Buddying with.

What should I wear?
-Please wear a white shirt. It will help you stand out as a Buddy for our Players. The shirt may be short-sleeved or long-sleeved; whatever the weather permits.
-Groups may wear their company/organization's shirts.
-Any color pants/shorts/capris are fine.
-Skirts are not recommended as you will active on the field and running bases with your Player!
-Please no long jewelry or dangling earrings while out on the field Buddying.

What should I bring?
-A bottle of water is highly recommended for those hot days!
-We suggest applying sunscreen before going out on the field, or even watching from the bleachers!
-Please make sure you have filled out your Electronic Volunteer Waiver! (You cannot enter the field without this :-)
-Your beautiful personality and fun-loving nature!

How long do games last? / How long do I have to be there as a volunteer?
Games last about a little over an hour. You should arrive to the field 15-30 minutes before your game begins, and stay until your Player is picked up by her/his parent(s) or guardian(s). Parent(s)/guardian(s) are asked to stay during the game to cheer on their child, so you will not have to stick around very long after the game has ended.

What if the weather is bad during game day?
As you know, this is Michigan, so the weather is frequently unpredictable. We will always update our Facebook page if there are any game changes due to the weather. We typically give updates on a game-to-game basis, an hour before each respective game.

Will I be called on the day of the game as a reminder?
No, you will not be called as a reminder on gameday. However, VolunteerSpot automatically sends email reminders a day or two in advance to the email with which you signed up.

Where should I park?
You may park on Theodore St. towards the north end of the parking lot (closest to Farmer St.), but we ask our volunteers to be courteous to our Players and their families by parking in the Plymouth Cultural Center’s parking lot.


Volunteering Paperwork

I registered to volunteer and signed a Volunteer Waiver last season / during a previous season. Do I have to sign it again?
Yes. You must fill out Electronic Volunteer Waiver, EVERY YEAR in which you volunteer.  This needs to be done once per year.

I haven’t yet signed the Volunteer Waiver. Can I still volunteer to be a Buddy?
Please DO NOT sign up to volunteer until you have completed and signed the Electronic Waiver.  You may volunteer as a Buddy if you have not yet turned it in, but you must turn in your completed form the day you volunteer. Failure to do so will make you ineligible to volunteer at MLP until your form has been completed and signed by you.

I am the parent/guardian of a MLP Player. Can I be a Buddy? Do I still have to sign a Volunteer Release form?
Players’ family members are always welcome to be Buddies to ANY Player! And yes, we require all Buddies (even family members), to sign an Electronic Volunteer Waiver,  each year before entering the field as a Buddy.

What if I do not sign / refuse to sign the Volunteer Release Form?
Due to legal obligations, you will be unable to volunteer at the Miracle League of Plymouth if you do not / if you refuse to sign the Electronic Volunteer Waiver.

How do I get a volunteer form signed for NHS or another organization. Who do I ask to sign it, and when can I get it signed?

You MUST get any and all volunteer forms signed by either your Players’ coach, or Debra Madonna at the end of your Player’s game. NO volunteer forms will be signed AFTER the game’s date.


Volunteering as a Group

I am a part of a group that is interested in Buddying for one or more games. What steps do we have to take for all of us to volunteer collectively?
Each group must have one delegate in charge of the following:
-Being in touch with Miracle League of Plymouth via email.
-Making sure every individual in the group is signed up to Buddy on the group’s specific day / game.
-Most importantly: Ensuring each volunteer has printed, completed, and signed the Electronic Volunteer Waiver.

I want one of my friends/family members to volunteer, but I don’t know if they’re actually interested. Can I sign them up as a volunteer anyway?
You may not reserve spots for others to volunteer unless you are a delegate for a large volunteer group (church groups, work groups etc.). Only people who intend on showing up to volunteer on their specified date may sign up as a volunteer on VolunteerSpot. And remember, all volunteers MUST fill out & sign an Electronic Volunteer Waiver before they can enter the field.

I signed up to volunteer on VolunteerSpot, but my plans have changed, and I am now unable to volunteer. What should I do / Whom should I contact?
If you have already signed up to volunteer on VolunteerSpot, but find you are unable to make the commitment, please remove your sign-up reservation as a volunteer. VolunteerSpot automatically notifies us when a volunteer has removed their sign-up reservation.

More information on being a Buddy:

Please email Chelsey Coleman at Chelsey@MiracleLeaguePlymouth.org if you have any further questions about being a Buddy.

You may also contact: info@miracleleagueplymouth.org

Website: www.miracleleagueplymouth.org

Field: 357 Theodore St., Plymouth, MI

Mailing Address: 525 Farmer St., Plymouth, MI. 48170

Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySY6rgFuP9Y&list=UUHDA2l1EZYqym7PR0RPJeQg

Thank you for supporting The Miracle League of Plymouth.  We want you all to know that whether you can volunteer for one game or every game every week, your help is needed and appreciated.  To provide Maximum Fun and Safety for each player, our Challenge is to fill up those spots as soon as possible.    You can be a Buddy and an Umpire, or help Check in Volunteers on Game Day.   It is reassuring to our Players and Parents to see a familiar face in the dugout.  Players love their Buddies. You can’t imagine how important you are to the MLP Players & Families.