Spirit Items & Mascots

Concession Stand: Snacks & Drinks

Spirit Wear: Hoodies, Teeshirts, Baseball Hats


2017 Mascot List


2017 Mascot Bios

NEW *** Maggie, The Mischievious Monkey
NEW *** Michael, The Goat, The Greatest of All Time
NEW *** Wendy, The Watchful Eagle
Teddy, A Wise Playground Builder
Captain Jonathan Jesse Davison, Hero Helper Dalmatian
B. L. Zelly, Playful Playground Duck
Scotty, a Bright & Shining Wildcat
Kim, Graceful Gazelle, Team Leader
Gail, Chipper Chipmunk, Team Protector



2017 Retired Mascots

Amie Margaret Irene, Otter, A playful Friend
Cameron, Collie, Watchful Friend
Jeff, Cardinal, Radio Bird
Dave & Steve, Real Tiger Brothers
Jingles, A Player's Best Puppy Friend
J.T., Every One's Buddy Bear
D.R. Champion Cat Coach