MLP Supporters & Donors



____ $1,000 & above ... Miracle Partner
... 2018

Building Bridges Therapy Center
Michael & Donna Maddin
Plymouth Kiiwanis Foundation
Steve and Tammy Przynosch

____ $  500 - $999 ... Special Events Sponsor
... 2018

Roberto & Karen Teran & family, In Memory of Charles Trost

____ $  250 - $499 ... Spirit Partner
... 2018

Knights of Columbus, St. Edith Council 13645


____ $  249 & Less ... Player Sponsor
... 2018

Charter Township of Canton - on behalf of Denim Day
Greater Canton Youth Baseball & Softball Association



... 2016 & 2017

Kelly's Kidz Bleacher Canopies
The Lou & Gail Family LaRiche Pavilion

Kelly's Kidz Foundation, Dave and Kelly Hermann & Family
The Lou & Gail LaRiche Family

On Behalf of Cindi Fry In Memory of Tom & Geri Barrett
Community Financial, "Thumbs Up for Charity"
Detroit Auto Dealers Charity Preview
Eagles for Children, Walnut Creek Country Club
Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle
Mitsubishi Electric

D & M Group
J B Electrical Co
Molnar Roofing
National Block, Marty Eisenstein
Stark Enterprises / Eco Painting
Mike Maloney


2017 Sponsorships

_____ $1,000 & Above ... Miracle Partner
... 2017

Building Bridges Therapy Center
Eagles for Children
Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle
Charles & Sharon Meldrum
Knights of Columbus, Geo Monaghan #2690
Michigan Paralyzed Veterans
Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America
Mitsibosjo Electric Foundation
MSA Delivery
Plymouth Kiwanis Foundation
Plymouth Lions
Phyllis Kordick
Tammy Przynosch, In Honor of Jamie Jones
Travel Leaders
John Wilson

Eastern Michigan Camaro Club - Camaro Superfest
   Cheryl Bowker
   Jeffrey & Kimberly Herr
   Michael & Marcia Hess
   Lou LaRiche
   Scott LaRiche
   Gary & Patricia Seleski

In Loving Memory of Ilona Harwood, Nicholas Wencel's Grandmother
    B. C. Ayers
   Judith Brann
   Mary Brandon
   Sharon Bratkowski
   Edwin & Diane Donaldson
   Janet Finn
   Paul & Jeanne Goodwin
   Beverly Hoekstra
   Suzanne Jones
   Deborah Kasten
   Janet LaFond
   Robert & Patricia McMorran
   Donald McQuaig
   Betty Moll
   Matthew & Anna Novack
   Robert Novack
   Joan O'neill
   Lisa Pompian
   Lynn & Connie Ryan
   Jennifer Sheehan
   Jamrd & Joan Smith
   Julie Strange
   Ed & Marilyn Stephens
   Theresa Szabelski
   William Thompson
   Betty Uhazie
   The Wencel Family

WWK Advisors LLC- Golf Outing
   Dan Welch
   Jason Welch
   ACAL Precision Products
   Kenneth Adasek
   Margaret Chaffin
   J. Lee or Jane Juett
   Lawrence & Elizabeth Poupard


____ $500 - $999 ... Picnic Sponsor

William Atkinson
Mary Elizabeth Barnes
Greater Canton Youth Baseball & Softball Assoc
Knights of Columbus, Michigan State Council, #3292, Mental Impairment Drive, Tootsie Roll Drve
Knights of Columbus, Michigan State Council, #14427, Mental Impairment Drive, Tootsie Roll Drive
David & Susan Jones, In Memory of Wayne Holman
Craig & Jennifer McGregor
Rick & Loren Parker
Plymouth Police Officers Association
Shawn Swales
Roberto Teran Family In Honor of Center for Exceptional Families


____ $250 - $499 ... Spirit Partner

Dearborn Jewelers
Steve & Lisa Howard
Monica Knowles
Jennifer Lynne Kutey-Landen
JMS and Associates
Todd & Kinza Luchies, Given in Thanks for the full size / adult changing table installed
Michael & Donna Maddin
Nicole's TLC Cleaning
Resurrection Church Conformation Program
University of Michigan Finacial Operations, Casual Day for Charity


_____ $249 $ Less ... Player Sponsor

James & Vonnie Bench
Canton Tree Lighting Ceremony
Angela Colasinski
Joseph Covino In Honor of Andrew & Owen's Annual Lemonade Stand at Art in the Park
Forest Place Optical
Pamela Fox
Ken & Bernadette Glowski
John Hubert
Johnson Upper Elementary School, "Jean Day", a Genius Hour Project, Joey Sullivan & James Perrin
Terry & Tia Kline
Tom & Pam McLean
Tonya Melton & Ronald Shemet
PCLL - Plymouth Canton Little League
Kimberly Schulz
Bradford Snyder, In Memory of My Brother, Mark
Michael Sobczak


In Memiry & Honor of William Scherer
     Linda Wilson  Brown
      Janice Marshall, in honor of my Father


In Honor of Mike Jurlin
   Sadet Elezi
    Michael & Kristi Schwesing
    Brian & Janice Slattery



2016 Sponsorships

___ $1,000—$9,999 … Miracle Partners

 … 2016

Ally Financial
In Memory of Tom & Geri Barrett
Chicks 4 Charity, Canton
Community Financial, "Thumbs Up For Charity"
Eagles for Children, Walnut Creek Country Club
Giving Hope, Women's Giving Circle
The Holman Family
John Wilson
Knights of Columbus, George Monahan Council $2690
Phyllis Kordick, In Memory of Mary Romano
Michigan Club Baseball
Michigan Paralyzed Volunteers of America
Mitsubishi Electric & Mitsubishi Electric Automotive
Neal Zalenko in Honor of Bob & Shari Bilkie
Jerry & Marion Rozum, MSA Delivery
Nordson Corp.
Stephen & Tammy Przynosch
Salesforce, Donation Match for Chad Schaeffer, on behalf of drew Schaeffer
Neal Zalenko, In Honor of Bob (my brother from another mother) & Shari Bilkie 

In Memory of Leis Miller

  • Jim & Paula Bedford
  • John & Kim Delinski
  • Theresa MacDermai
  • Cathy Donaldson
  • Chris & Jamie Eilola & Ava & Adrienne,
  •               Friends from Allen School
  • Kim Engelhardt
  • Farrand Elementary School PTO
  • Andrew & Carolyn Gammicchia
  • Patrick & Peggy Gannon
  • On Behalf of GM Employees / Subha Kannan
  • Stephanie Goecke
  • Dennis & Terri Kolakowski
  • David & Stacey Lincoln
  • Dannon McGuire
  • Gene Manwaring & Janice Novak
    Evelyn Parshall
  • Patricia Robinson
  • Rodney Sieb & Jeanette Novak
  • Delores Pphillips
  • Michael Schommer
  • Danny & Laura Sopok
  • Barb Swanson
  • Matthew & Carol Thostenson
  • Sharon & Lee Tuong
  • Dave & Maureen Visser
    Jennifer Worth, Patrick & Faith Long



___ $500—$999 … Home Run Partners
 … 2016

AKM Restaurant
In Honor of Andrew Curtis' Bar Mitzvah
Flint Group
Knights of Columbus, Council 3292
Rochele Lesperance, in Maxon Wheels
Craig & Jennifer McGregor 
Salem Dugout Club
Roberto & Karen Teran, in Honor of Center for Exceptional Families


___ $250—$499 … Spirit Partners
 … 2016

Mary Elizabeth Barnes
Robert & Cathy Donaldson
Dave & Susan Jones
Lea Knight, In Honor of Robert Bilkie
Knights of Columbus, Fair St.
Knights of Columbus, Our Lady of Victory, Tootsie Roll Drive
Knights of Columbus, St Edith #13645, Tootsie Roll Drive
Gregory Lewandowski for Elizabeth Lewandowski
Michael & Donna Maddin
Chad & Stacia Schaeffer
         Drew Schaeffer

In Memory of James Keathley
    Michael & Tanya Bartelo
    Richard Gagnon, from Schreiber Corp
    David & Kathryn Lafferty
    Brian Moore


... $249 & less… Player Sponsors  
… 2016

James & Vonnie Bench, in Honor of Sandra Sagear
Canton Township Employees' "Denim Day" Day,  (Julie Allen)
In Honor of Donna Case, from the Luchies
David & Angela Colasinski
Con-Way Inc
Joseph Covino. Andrew & Owen’s Lemonade Stand
Renaye Hayek
Mark Hitchins
John Hubert
Steven & Lisa Howard
Kay Linville
Thomas & Pam McLean
Kenneth & Rebecca Niblock in Honor of Zachary Ferguson
PCLL - Plymouth Canton Little League
Tom & Carol Sawicki
Stephanie Schoener, in thanks to Samantha Weid! Love, Megan and Mary Miner
James & Wendy Schultz.   For the Kids! God Bless the Kids!
Michael Sobczak
Jeff & Wendy White
YourCause on behalf of ATT & Daren Cottrell

In Memory of Charles Trost
    Bonnie Wagner
    Kendel Wright

Special Events Sponsors
 … 2016

Eagles for Children / Walnut Creek Country Club
Kelly's Kidz







___ $50,000 ... Grand Slam Partner

Buhr Foudation

___ $50,000 … Clubhouse Sponsor
 … 2015


___ $30,000 … Security & Sound Sponsors 
 … 2015

____ #10,000 - $ 29,999 ... "Shading" Sponsors
 ... 2015

Kelly's Kidz


___ $1,000—$9,999 … Miracle Partners
 … 2015

The Believe Foundation, Jim Deliz
Building Bridges Therapy
Durham School  Services
Eagles for Children / Walnut Creek Golf Club
Knights of Columbus, George Monaghan Council 2690
Phyllis Kordick
Knights of Columbus, Fr Renaud Council #3292, Plymouth
Mitsubishi Electric
Plymouth Police Offer Association
Jerry & Marion Rozum, MSA Delivery Service
Stephen & Tammy Przynosch
John Wilson


___ $500—$999 … Home Run Partners
 … 2015

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market
Bill & Sue Hermann
Plymouth Lions
Salem High School Baseball
In Honor of Allie Weid's Birthday


___ $250—$499 … Spirit Partners
 … 2015

Jimmy & Vonnie Bench, "For the Kids"
Derek Gavigan
Knights of Columbus
In Honor of Sean Macek on Behalf of Tom Sawicki
Dave & Sue Jones
Craig & Lori Lee
Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America
Lola Ryan


... $249 & less… Player Sponsors  

… 2015

Bill Brown Ford
Brian & Barrie Brown 
Joseph Carlson
       On Behalf of Lauren Spencer, "We Love You!"
Dave & Angie Colanski
Joseph & Meghan Covino
Forest Place Optical
Dennis & Mary Fuelling
Ken & Bernadette Glowski
John Hubert
Jerry & Sharon Knoppow
Laura Lucido
Robert McLean in Honor of Ally McClean
Andrew Olexsy
Claire Pfeifer  
       on Behalf of Wendy White
Bill & Jean Weber
Megan Weil


Special Events Sponsors
 … 2015

Eagles for Children / Walnut Creek Country Club
Kelly's Kidz







___ $50,000 … Clubhouse Sponsor
 … 2014


___ $30,000 … Security & Sound Sponsors 
... 2014


___ $1,000—$9,999 … Miracle Partners
  … 2014

Answers Corporation
Aisin World Corp of America
Building Bridges Therapy Center
Community Financial Credit Union - Summer of Sharing
Eagles for Children & Waknut Creek Country Club
Kelly's Kidz Foundation
Knights of Columbus, Plymouth
Phyllis Kordick
Mitsubishi Electric
Jerry & Marion Rozum, MSA Delivery Service
Milton Thackaberry Fund
John Wilson, Jr.

___ $500—$999 … Home Run Partners
 … 2014

 Mary Elizabeth Barnes
Bill & Sue Hermann
 MSX International, Inc
Plymouth Lions Club
Stephen & Tammy Przynosch
 In Honor of Jackson Roberts' Bar Mitzvah
   Todd Ciesielski & Jennifer Davis
   Eric & Shannon Kos
   Kay Melet
   Bruce Miller & Jennifer Kim
   Douglas & Emily Roberts
   Scott & Venessa Rittman
    David Roberts
    Gordon & Marjolein Roberts
   John & Carolyn Roberts
   Peggy Roberts
   Mark & Jacquelin Robin
   Clark Shuart
   Jean Snyder
   David & Bethany Steinberg
   The Wilcox Family
The Teran Family: Roberto, Karen, Miguel & Carlos
    In Honor of Oakwood Center for Exceptional Families
Yazaki North America


___ $250—$499 … Spirit Partners
 … 2014

Jimmy & Vonnie Bench
Canton Community Foundation
Jodi Flavell
   Thank you to Rachel Koelzer for introducing me to Miracle League
In Memory of Dawn Latour & In Honor of Danny Latour
     Daniel Bondy & Denise Sergeant
     John Tyler Damon II
     Susan Hommel
     Giusepe Mesiano & Stephanie Clement
     Teresa White
     Joe & Sandy Soukup
Craig & Lori Lee
Michael Maddin
Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America, Inc
Joseph Yarnevich In Honor of MLP Player, Amelia Tuller


___ $249 & less… Player Sponsors … 2014

Julie Albert, a Gift from Gary & Silvia Herrick
Elizabeth Anchor
Daniel Baldwin
    In Memory of Alec Cunningham
Paul & lana Balsdon 
    In Memory of Robert White
Gerald Bricker
     In Honor of Our Grandson, Joey Kolb
Stacy Burch In Honor of Elijah Ramah
David & Angela Colasinski
Comerica Bank
Andrew Brown

Joseph & Meghan Covino
     from Andrew's Lemonade Stand
Dr. Roger Demont
Forest Place Optical
The Fosgard Family
     In Memory of Helen Wood
Globe Wide Entertainment
Ken & Bernadette Glowski
John Hubert
Knights of Columbus, Dbn Hgts
     In Honor of Tom Sawicki's Grandson, a MLP Player
Sandra Kubisak
      In Honor of Dave and Maureen Visser
Marge Lynch
Madalyn McLean
    "It's for the Kids"
Andrew Olexsy
Tom & Carol Sawicki
     In Honor of Grandson, Sean Macek
Chuck Trost
Varnum Law Offices
Suzanne Visser
   In Honor of Dave & Maureen Visser
Kristi Wencel and The Family of Nicholas Wencel


Special Events Sponsors

Kelly's Kidz Foundation
Plymouth Optimists




$250,000 ...
Inaugural Sponsor ... 2011

State of Michigan  


$150,000 … Founding Partner
Inaugural Sponsor ... 2011

Robert & Shari Bilkie & Family
Amanda, Jeff, Ava, Natalie, Ashley, &  Megan



$100,000 - $149,000 … Hall of Fame Partners
Inaugural Sponsor ... 2011


$50,000 - $99,999 … Grand Slam Partners
Inaugural Sponsor ... 2011

Buhr Foundation


$25,000 - $49,999 … Home Run Partners
- Inaugural Sponsor ... 2011

Detroit Tigers Foundation
Helppie Family Charitable Foundation
Klopcic Family Foundation
LaRiche Chevrolet
The Lou LaRiche & Scott LaRiche Families


$10,000 - $24,999 … Bases Loaded Partners 
Inaugural Sponsor

Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation of Midland
Travel Leaders, Plymouth

$5,000 - $9,999 … Line Drive Partners
Inaugural Sponsor ... 2011

Detroit Tigers Alumni Association
Jack Flynn
Lions Club & Foundation of Plymouth
Marcel & Debra Madonna & Family
Masons, Plymouth Rock Lodge #47
Patrick & Lisa Nolan
Northville Baseball & Softball Association
Rotary Club of Plymouth Noon Foundation
Gilbert & Lois Sinnaeve


$2,000 - $4,999 … Second Base Partners
Inaugural Sponsor ... 2011

Community Financial Credit Union
Ferrantino Foundation
Glen & Patricia Kordick & Family
Phyllis Kordick
The Donald D. Mateer Foundation
Seymon Rozenberg
Lisa Rozum
Jerry & Marion Rozum, MSA Delivery Service
Suburban Honda & Suburban Chrysler/Jeep Dodge of Novi
Jeff & Laura Davis, Wings of Joy, in Memory of Melissa Joy Davis

 In Honor of Thomas Manning:
      Victor & Linda Battani
      Gary & Karen Bean
      David & Sheila Blough
      John & Cecelia Brenner
      William & Vicki Carlin
      S. Clarkson
      C. James & Barbara Clemens
      Thomas & Patricia Eland
      Gofrank & Mattina P.C.
      F. Michael Harris
      Randall & Kim Minasian Hawes
      Gladys & Laphew & Donna Head
      Scott & Susan Horsbaugh  
      Patrick & Lisa Hurley
      Russell King
      John & Kathleen Krit
      Violet Kuffner
      Clarency & Cynthia LaBudde
      Alfred & Cynthia Lear
      Robert & Jane Lenart
      Timothy & Lisa Manning
      Gofrank & Mattina
      Michael Minasian
      Ted & Linda Minisian
      Thomas & Susan Parkinson
      Russell Plcoh & Janice Ward
      Donald Post
      Michael & Lisa Pratt
     Jody & Michelle Shostak
      Elise & Iris Templin
      Unckrich Corp
      John & Janis Valenti II
      Leco Vayis
      Mark & Kristi Williamson



$1,000 – 1,999 … First Base Partners
Inaugural Sponsor   ... 2011 

Arrow Strategies
Thomas & Lisa Constance
Andrew Daily
Great Lakes Regional Chili CookOff
James Hutchings
The Clients of James Andrew Group, Inc
Bill & Sue Hermann Family Fund
Kelly's Kidz Foundation
In Honor of Ray Knickerbocker & The Mid America Mustangs
Knights of Columbus: Northville & Dearborn Hgts
Larry & Ruth Martin
Paul & Lorrie McVey
Northville High School National Honor Society
Terri O’Brien, Street Marketing Inc
Optimists Club of Plymouth 
Penske Co.
Russell Ploch, RDP Construction
Plymouth Jaycees
Taylor Rotary Foundation
Robert & Michelle Schwartz
George & Mary Elizabeth Smith
Meri Stockwell in Honor of Adriana Dillion & Patino & Dillon Families
Sun & Snow Sports
Varsity Lincoln-Mercury Inc
Vermeulen Funeral Home
Patrick D. Ward Chiropractic Ctr
Wal-Mart Stores
Janice Ward in Honor of James Ward
Neal & Esther Zalenko


$500 - $999… On-Deck Partners
Inaugural Sponsor ... 2011

Velma Anderson
Richard & Susan Carlson
Dale Dillman
Joe & Ellen Elliott
Bill & Sue Hermann Family Fund
Meghan Holmes
Ilsa Little Fund – S.E. Community Foundation
Kiwanis Club of Colonial Plymouth
John & Patricia Marshall
McDonalds, Ann Arbor Rd, Plymouth MI
Metro Dance Co.
Patrick & Cheri O’Brien
Old School Mini Bike
Raymond Pokrandt
Sun & Snow Sports
Dick Schmidt
In Memory of John Segedi from Pat Segedi
Shaw Electric
John & Beth Stewart
Bonnie Southerland
Robert Thompson
Varnum Law Firm
Women's Giving Circle 


$10 - $499 … Leadoff Partners
Inaugural Sponsor ... 2011

Steven & Brenda Abbamonte
Deborah Adams
All Saints Catholic School
American Cultures & Baseball Class.  Darrin Silvester, Teacher
Elizabeth Anchor
Garry or Velma Anderson
Gordon Anderson
Kurt & Bridge Anthony
Laurie Aren
Mike & Joyce Bauder
Udo & Carol Behm
Jay Benner
Bergeron Plumbers
Leland & Marie Bjerke
Liane Bouffard
Kenneth Briton
Jamie Buhr
Matt Burkett
Andrea  & Roberta & David Burdette
Michael & Kathleen Burdette
Bill Bush
Law Offices of Goldstein, Bershad & Fried in Honor of George Cassar
Elizabeth Clark
Joseph & William Cleveland
Canton High School Student Congress
Willam & Jennifer Cole
Gregory Colling
Paul & Mary Conlon
Col. Charles & Joan Cove
Sharon Jordan Crowley
Cryderman Family
Candice Debezak
Delta Kappa Gamma Gamma Gamma Chapter
Sally Delvecchio
Nancy Diehl
Robert Donaldson
Rick & Ann Dye In honor of Ryan Dye
Emerald Plumbing Co.
P.F & FI Ernzen
Lee & Denise Farkas
Ford Motor Co. – Take Your Child To Work Day - Diversity Council
Anna Marie Ferguson, Inmart Group Ltd
Forest Place Optical
Patrick & Lucy French
Steve & Teri Furr
Colleen Galinas
Mario & Joyce Galindo
Jack & Elaine Gatlin1433.8108860759493670886075949367
Michelle Gaynier
Melisa Getz
Paul  & Lorena Gilbert
J & L Gilmore
Ron & Lisa Goble
KJ & DJ Gniewek
Bernard Grant & Kimbreley Fitzpatrick
Ken & Diane Harrison
Todd & Kerrie Haugh
John Hawkins
Marty & Cheryl Heator
Kurt & Catherine Heise
David & Kelly Hermann
Donald & Rhonda Hessel
Hired Hands
Nicholas & Jennifer Hopwood
Mark & Kathy Horvath
Mark & Ann Houska
Gerry & Andrea Hug
Jo Hulce
Matthew & Beth Jakubik
David & Susan Jones & family
Patrick & Jacquelyn Jossey
Theodore Kaminsky
Elizabeth Keith ***
Mary Ellen King
Barry Kiser
Larry & Kathy Klonowski
William Korbezak, Korb & Toy
Glen & Patricia Kordick
Lauryn Kowalski
Toni Kowalski
Dean & Marion Krutty
Aaron Latham in Honor of Dylan & Jacob Woebhnbury
Craig & Lori Lee
Hollie Lefevre
Elisabeth Lockwood
Jason Loiselle
Edward & Mary Loniewski
Jan MacKenzie
Michael & Donna Madden
Andrew & Justine Madonna
John Madonna
Mark Madonna
Alexander Martin & Kimberly Mueller
Michael & Janice McCord
McCotter Congresional Committee
Dorian McGlannan
Ronald & Theresa Merbler
Metropolitan Windows
Michigan Medical Equipment, Richard Parker,
    In Honor of Evan Parker
Richard Miller III
Robin Moore
Larry Moraca, Westchester Barber Shop
S. Keith & Jennifer Morris
Barbara Mruk
Theresa Mull
Mike Myers
Steve Myers
Clark & Margaret Nagel
Si Nahra &  Judy Mardigian
R.W. & C.S. Naumoff
Donna Nehasil
Peter & Jan Hiatt Nelson
John Nichols
Patrick O'Neill
Panera Bread Foundation
Richard & Loren Parker
Brian & Sheila Paton
Caleb Patton & Herma Hamilton
Janette Paull
Robert & Kimberly Paull
John Pecynski Jr & Barbara Henn
John & Deborah Perkovich
Kara Pierkarski
Alison Pirrie
James & Pamela Plakas
Richard & Leslie Platte
Mark Plaza
Plymouth Canton Civitan Club
Plymouth Community Chamber of Commerce
Plymouth’s Women Study Group
Bill Pratt
Phyllis  & Ronald Pulty-Bendry
James & Susan Rader
Richard Reaume
Mark Rembacki & Julie Brown
Stephen & Jenn Retherford
John & Sharon Rittenhouse
Barbara Rodenberg
Ross Chiropractic
Rotary Club Lakes Area
Rotary Club of Northville
Rotary Club of Novi
Rotary Club of Northville
James & Kathy Ryan
Sarah Rubino
Salem Student Congress, Plymouth-Canton Comm. Schools
Michael & Janet Schmalhurst
Christy Seaberg
Richard Schulte
Arline Smith
Nancy Soho
Edward & Lisa Speck
Suzanne Spiegel & Stephen Williams
James & Mary Stanhope
Steel Foundation
Eric Stepp
Suburban Ford of Waterford
Delmar & Mary Templeton
Alan & Anne Thompson
John & Tina Tincher
TJD Construction
Martha Trafford
Paul & Jodi Tranchida
Mark Vertin
John & Karen Viera
Kelly Weishaupt
Michael & Suzette Wellhousen
Pat & Nancy White
Judy Wernette
Robert Williams, Bulk Trailer Leasing Inc.
Michael & Nicole Wilson-Fennel
Steve & Sarah Wolodkiewicz
Bob & Shirley Zaetta
Donald & Lorraine Zaksek
Denise Zander
Cynthia Zimber 


In Memory of M. J. Willette 
   Robert Boughton


In Honor of Abby Nuoffer 
   Dawn Nuoffer


In Honor of Kenneth Edwards 
   David & Patricia Denstaedt
   Sandy & Wanda Derico
   David & Nancy Flower
   David & Joanne Hoolsema
   John & Cheryl Horgan
   Mark & Kathleen Horvath
   Jeff & Janice Martin




$50,000 … Clubhouse Sponsor
2012 / 13 Special  Sponsorships


$20,000 -  $49,999 … Security Sponsor
2012 / 13 Special  Sponsorships


$10,000 - $19,999 … Miracle Partners
2012 /13 Seasonal Sponsorships


$10,000 … Sound Sponsor
2012 /13  Special  Sponsorships


$5,000 - $9,999 … Utility Players & Partners
2012 /13 Seasonal Sponsorships

 Varnum Law Offices


$1,000 - $4,999 … Season Sponsors
2012 /13 Seasonal Sponsorships

Canton Cardinals 13u, GCYBSA
Cole, Newton, Duran CPAs
Community Financial Credit Union, Summer of Sharing
CrossFit Lower Town
Dering Family
Eagles for Children
Greater Canton Youth Baseball Softball Association 
Bill & Sue Hermann Family Fund
Kelly's Kidz Foundation
Knights of Columbus Council #3292, Plymouth
Glen & Patricia Kordick
Phyllis Kordick
Marcel & Debra Madonna
National Automobile Deaers Charitable Foundation
Northville Baseball & Softball Assn
The Optimist Club of Plymouth
Plymouth Lions Club
PSI Upsilon
Lisa Rozum
Jerry & Marion Rozum, MSA Delivery Service
Roberto, Karen, Miguel & Carlos Teran
     In Honor of Oakwood Center for Exceptional Families (CEF)
    & O.U.R. Camp

Jack Wilson


2013 Special Events Sponsors
2013 Seasonal Sponsorships

Kelly's Kidz Foundation
Lou LaRiche Chevrolet
The Optimist Club of Plymouth

$500 - $999 … League Sponsors
2012 / 13 Seasonal Sponsorships

Jimmy & Vonnie Bench & Family in Honor of Sandy Sagear
Bosco's Pizza Co
Brown Staffing Solutions
George Cassar
Cole, Newton & Duran CPAs
Community Financial Team Members For Charity Program
Cross Fit Lower Town (located in Saxtons)
Dearborn Jewelers, Teri Allen
Dell Employee Giving Program
David Della Vedova - GE Foundation Matching Grant
The Ferrantino Foundation
Bill & Sue Hermann
Dave & Kelly Hermann
David & Susan Jones
Kiwanis Club of Plymouth, Evening Club
Lou LaRiche Chevrolet
Mitsubishi Electric
Optimist Club of Plymouth
Jake & Molly Powers
Stephen & Tammy Przynosch
Salem Dugout Club
Varnum LLC
Patrick Ward, Ward Chiropractic


 In Memory of Robert & Jill Weinhardt
    Mr. & Mrs. F. Brevig
    Mr. & Mrs. K. Dameron
    The Allen Gruskowski Family
    Virginia Hayes
    Mr. & Mrs. Peterson
    Mr. & Mrs. E. Sullivan
    Mr. & Mrs. D. Treangen
    Orvil Treagan
    Bill & Cathy Weinhardt, in memory of parents
    Donald H. Weinhardt & Donald R. Weinhardt Families
    The Andrew Zazula family 



$250 - $499 … Spirit Partners
2012  /13 Seasonal Sponsorships

James Andrew Group
Bill & Jan Wellman, Baskin Robbins, Ann Arbor Rd
Birthday Donations made in Honor of MLP Player
Blackwell Ford
Gofrank & Mattina P.C., in Honor of Thomas Manning
Michael Harris
Elly Jakubowski
Michael & Donna Maddin
Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America, Inc
Andrew Olexsy
Plymouth Canton Little league
Timothy Sagear
Kristi Williamson


   In Memory of Robert C. White
     Country Twirlers Square Dance Club
     Carole Muraske
     Amy Roland
     Tom & Rose Scanlon
     Joan White


$200 - $249 … Player Sponsors
2012 / 13 Seasonal Sponsorships

Christine Brady
Jeff & Elizabeth A. Dziadzio
Forest Place Optical LLC
Patrick & Lucy French
Tim Ellis & Cheri Holman
Larry & Ruth Martin
Patti Mullen
Edwin & Michaelyn Page
Richard & Jeriann Patino
      In Memory of Nancy Kirkey And In Honor of Adriana Dillon
Vinnie Ramirez
Carrie Slominski
Waldman Investments
Cynthia Zemanski
       In Honor of Jesse Lindlbauer


$199 & less… Designated Hitter Partners
2012  /13 Seasonal Sponsorships

Steven & Rhonda Abrams
Laurie Aren
Barbara Anton
Kevin & Michele Bates
Bulk Trailer Leasing in Northville
Todd & Kelli Bulmer
Kathleen Burdette

Joseph & Wilma Cleveland
David & Angela Colasinski
Pat Coleman in Memory of Harry E. Frank Jr.
Delta Kappa Gamma Gamma Gamma Chapter
David & Patricia Denstaedt in Honor of Justin Denstaedt
Denny & Patti Devine
Jeanne Deroche
Nancy Diehl
Norma Dolney
Bob & Cathy Donaldson
Ron Edwards
John & Billie Wright-Ericson
Anna Marie Ferguson
Ronald & Judy Fortuna
Todd & Deborah Fronckowiak
Steven & Teri Furr
Paul & Lorena Gilbert
Stephanie Goecke
Thomas Guina
Michael Guintas in Honor of Dale Rumberger
David & Leann Gurley in Honor of MacKenzie Pesci
Todd & Kerrie Haugh
Don & Rhonda Hessel
David Hinman
Brian & Susan Howe
Mary Ellen King
James Kritzman
Joseph & Joan Kubinski
James & Shelli Kritzman and Family in Memory of Lewis (Pittsburgh
      Lou) Musulin
Earl & Deb LaFontaine
Gladys Laphew
   In Honor of Michael Manning
Alfred & Cynthia Lear
Craig & Lori Lee
Marjorie Lynch
Marie Mack
Angelo & Mary Beth Matera
Montana Montgomery
Keith & Jennifer Morris
Suzanne Moser
David & Jennifer Munson & Family
Barbara Mruk in Honor of MacKenzie Pesci
Robert & Cynthia Naumoff
Sheila Paton
Alison Pirrie
Richard & Leslie Platte
Jeff & Kathy Powers family
Richard Reaume
Mark Rembacki & Julie Brown
Jim & Kathryn Ryan
Thomas & Carol Sawicki, in Honor of Sean Macek
Barry & Dorothy Simescu
Jeanne Stenge
Charles Trost
Tyco Electric Matching Gift Program
Stephanie Villalobos
Nan Washburn
The Dan-Weber Family made a donation in the name of Jeff Powers
     and the Powers Family
Michael Wellhousen
Jeffrey & Wendy White
      In Honor of MacKenzie Pesci (MLP Moody's Miracles 2011)
William Woebkenberg
Matthew & Joy Wolfe
Stephen & Sarah Wolodkiewicz
David & Dr. Susan Youngs
Bob & Shirley Zaetta
Geoffrey Zahn
Cynthia Zimber
Matthew Zuehlk


In Memory of  Tony Patino
    Randall & Marsha Horshok
    Norbert & Susan Vandersteen 
















Special Thanks to Individuals, Organizations  & Businesses for their Ongoing Support


Theodore Barker, President, Shaw Construction. Construction Manager

Mike Bailey, PE, President, Dietrich Bailey & Associates
Mark Baldwin, Baldwin Landscaping
Robert Carrigan
George Cassar, esq
Marty Heator, Marketing Dept., Schoolcraft College
Jack Knowles III, Vice-President, Director of Landscape Architecture, Dietrich, Bailey & Associates
Marcel Madonna, President, ajm Software
Mike & Gail Maloney
Mary Novrocki, esq
Patty O'Brien, Marketing Dept, Schoolcraft College
Observer-Eccentric Newspapers
Jack Pelon, Garden City Rotary
Joseph Philips, Architect, LLC
Mark Plaza, esq
Plymouth Canton Schools
Plymouth Community Arts Council
Chris Randolph
Rotary Club & Foundation of Plymouth A.M.
WSDP 88.1 Radio

City of Plymouth
City of Plymouth Recreation Dept.
Rep. Marc Corriveau
Rep. Kurt Heise



Thank you to all the Inaugural Sponsors.  Your generous contributions were used to build the field and launch the first season of Miracle League of Plymouth Baseball (2011).  Seasonal & Special Sponsorships are now available, (effective December 1, 2011).  These funds will be used to complete the endowment for ongoing operations and maintenance of MLP, as well as the completion of The Clubhouse, a covered picnic area.

The Inaugural Sponsors ($1,000 and above) will be acknowledged on the Donor Wall at MLP Field.  All other donations are acknowledged on the website, and at the field on banners and pennants (at the $500 level and above)


Please consider making a donation today to the Miracle League of Plymouth.  This field is open to all who live in Western Wayne County and beyond.


Jamie, Honorary Ambassador

Alex, Honorary Ambassador

Jennifer Bechard, age 5 or 6

Renee, Connor, Gavin & Bob Carrigan
Gavin is the first MLP Junior Commissioner